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10 May – 30 Dec 2017

Three Treasures

Summer Palace
Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou

The three highly recommended dishes are Double-Boiled Sea Whelk Soup with Chicken, Barbecued Pork and Chicken Liver, and Summer Palace's Signature Dim Sum Combination. These dishes not only taste good and keep diners healthy and satisfied, but also help guests understand the local Cantonese culture.

Need to know

Summer Palace's Double-Boiled Sea Whelk Soup with Chicken is prepared by simmering pork, chicken, chicken claw, medlar and ginger together. It helps to boost appetite and nourish the body.


Barbecued Pork and Chicken Liver tastes great. The pieces of meat in the dish are shaped like copper coins. The pork becomes crystal clear after being cured with Chinese distilled spirits and sugar, which gives it a sweet and refreshing taste and makes it less greasy.


The Dim Sum Combination offers a variety of sweet and salty dim sums, which are popular among local guests because of their good taste. The presentation of this dish never fails to impress guests.