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25 Jul – 24 Sep 2018

Mid-Autumn Festival

Island Gourmet
Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong

Capture the spirit of this year's Mid-Autumn Festival with special mooncakes! Our traditional mooncake boxes and hampers, including the charitable Heep Hong Society Mooncake and the signature Seven-Star Mooncake boxes, make perfect gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Mid-Autumn Mooncakes and Hampers
Perfect as a gift, or simply to satisfy that yearly craving for this delectable festive treat, the Deluxe Vanilla Bean Custard Mooncake is a sophisticated twist to the all-time favourite creamy custard filling. Lovers of the classic combination of lotus seed paste and egg yolk will thoroughly enjoy the extreme bliss encased in the White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake, featuring with 6 egg yolks. Please click here for details about the selection of mooncakes and Mid-Autumn hampers.

Seven-Star Mooncake
A bestseller since it first appeared in 2012, the Seven-Star Mooncake is an ultimate indulgence for mooncake lovers! Unwrap the elegant crimson-coloured box to discover a large White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake, with six egg yolks, surrounded by seven mini mooncakes. Mini mooncake flavours include milk custard, white lotus seed paste with egg yolk, white lotus seed paste with pine nuts, vanilla bean custard, red bean paste with egg yolk, red bean paste with preserved tangerine peel and chestnut with sweet potato.

Mooncake for Charity
The Heep Hong Charity Mooncake is an initiative to raise funds for the hotel's long-term charity partner, Heep Hong Society, one of Hong Kong's largest service-providers of early intervention and education for children with special needs. The mooncake box wrapper is designed with beautiful drawings painted by the children from Heep Hong Society, and contains four pieces of White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Double Egg Yolks. All proceeds from the sale of this charitable mooncake will benefit Heep Hong Society's diversified services and facilities.

Guests can enjoy discounts ranging from 10 to 25% on purchases of 10 or more mooncake boxes (excluding the Heep Hong charity mooncake). In addition, guests will be entitled to a HKD 200 dining voucher, valid at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong, for every purchase worth HKD 4,000 (after discount).

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