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1 Jan – 31 Jan 2019

King Cakes

HKD 250

Island Gourmet
Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong

Chef Patissier, Alain Guillet, brings a slice of French tradition to Island Gourmet with his famous King Cakes - a delicious dessert made with the homemade almond cream filling sandwiched between layers of puff pastry.

According to tradition, the person who finds the trinket inside his/her slice of cake will be given a paper crown and named the king or queen of the night.

The King Cakes, or "Galette des Rois", are available in 2 flavours – traditional and Apple – and is available in 4 sizes:

- Small - HKD 250
- Medium - HKD 320
- Large - HKD 410
- Extra Large - HKD 450

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